Whether you are looking at upgrading to a heat pump utlizing goverment rebates, or replacing ductwork, Red Fox Air conditioning has the ability to asses your needs and complete your job on time and on budget. Our licensed technicians will install, maintain and diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

We work with the top Heating and Cooling product manufacturers and are your lower Island Specialists for Installation, Service, and Repair


Tired of high utility bills? Looking to change out an old oil furnace? Or simply time for an upgrade to your homes heating and cooling system? An energy efficient heat pump is the best choice for our climate on Vancouver Island. A new heat pump can reduce your electricity consumption while providing lasting comfort.

In basic terms, a heat pump is a system that moves heat to the areas of your home that you wish to have temperature control of.

Heat pumps are not only designed for heating. By running in reverse they are able to remove heat from your home and provide cooling, giving you a comfortable home on those hot days.

When selecting a heat pump for your home there are many things to consider. Besides making sure that it is the right size and fit for your home, How easy is the unit to service?

What is customer support and aftercare like? What warranty is offered? These questions add up and can be overwhelming. This is why Red Fox A/C partners only with the leading heat pump manufacturers with proven customer support, quality and experience. We have done the homework so you don’t have to. Feel comfortable knowing that your new heat pump comes with a proven track record and excellent aftercare.


Depending on what existing systems you have in your home, you may be better served by either a ducted or ductless heat pump system.


A ducted system uses a central air handler to deliver the conditioned air to the spaces in your home through ductwork. These systems are more discrete and are a great option for homes with existing ductwork or where there is room to install ductwork in an unfinished attic or basement.


A ductless heat pump also known as a mini split, requires no ductwork to deliver air to the rooms in your home. Instead the indoor heating units are placed in the space to be conditioned and are connected only by pipes. Several different styles are available to suit design preferences. Ductless heat pumps are a great option to replace baseboard heating systems in homes that have no ductwork and in homes where there is limited space to install new ductwork.

We can work together with you to determine what type of system is right for you and your home. We are able to combine ducted and ductless solutions to come up with the option that is best suited for your application.


Your systems ductwork is connected to your furnace or heat pump and is what is used to supply the heated or cooled air to the different rooms in your home. A poorly designed ductwork system can cause airflow issues and lead to problems with your heating and cooling equipment. This is why it is important that we evaluate your existing ductwork before starting any job and when building new, we ensure that the designs are optimized for your new system.  We are capable of providing sheet metal/ducting services for any installation, remodel, furnace swap out and more.


We spend around 90% of our time indoors. Crazy right.  Everyone knows that outdoors we have great air quality here on Vancouver island, but how about indoors? Many people are unaware what the air quality in their homes is really like. Red Fox AC can provide air quality solutions for your home that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are putting the health of the occupants of your home first.