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We understand your commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems are mission critical to your business. We have the experience to get your equipment up and operating fast and avoid unnecessary downtime.


Restaurant Refrigeration

One of your cold-side line tables not working? We can get it up and running again. Rely on Red Fox A/C for your line table, Walk-in cooler/freezer, and ice machine repairs. We can get parts for all makes and models.


Supermarket Refrigeration

We can service display cases, deli cases, meat cases, produce cases and more. We aim to limit equipment downtime and to protect your products through planned maintenance and quick and reliable refrigeration service.




Commercial HVAC

We have been supplying commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services for over 35 years and it is the area of business that our company was founded on. We can Service, Maintain, and Install commercial HVAC systems including RTU’s, Make up air, Exhaust fans, water cooled systems and more.


Glycol | Breweries

We are proud to have worked with some of the best local Victoria and Vacnovuer craft breweries. We understand the unique requirements of runing a brewery and can custom design refrigeration processes for your brewery.